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3M 75 Repositionable ADHESIVE SPRAY

3M 75 Repositionable  ADHESIVE SPRAY

500ml 353g Can
3M 75 Repositional Adhesive Spray provides an excellent initial adhesion - but can easily be repositioned
Pressure sensitive adhesive for temporary holding or positioning most lightweight materials including cloth, paper, cardboard, foils, plastic sheeting etc, not suitable for expanded polystyrene. Clear colour, bonds can be made in seconds. Allows repeated clean removal and repositioning of subtrates.
Does not bleed through or wrinkle materials, non staining.

Shake the can well - apply a light even coat to one surface only 15-20cm from the surface
Let the adhesive dry for 20-30 seconds until it becomes tacky then press into position.
More information on the back of the SprayMount can.

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