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Dry Mounting Tissue (Hot)

Hot Press Dry Mounting Tissue UNIMOUNT CLASSIC™

Hot Press Dry Mounting Tissue UNIMOUNT CLASSIC™

Unimount Classic™ is widlely regarded as the 'Industry Standard'
This premium grade tissue from Hot Press permanently mounts all kinds of flatwork - it is especially popular among bespoke framers and photo processors due to its flat properties.
Unimoiunt Classic is a high grade adhesive on a porous, pH neutral tissue and is suitable for mounting
posters - prints - photographs- inkjets - pastels - charcoals - colour copies - maps - charts - blueprints and plans.
Unimount Classic is compatible with a wide variety of substances including mount board pulp and greey boards.


H4011 520mm x 25m (20.5"x 82') - 2 rolls remaining - 73.20 including VAT

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