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Kenro Wedding Album PEARL CLASSIC 12
Self Adhesive AlbumTitle page

Kenro Wedding Album PEARL CLASSIC 12" x 12" SELF ADHESIVE

Product Code: PL301
A Classic post bound wedding album featuring a high quality PU cover with a fine grain white simulated leather finish, and decorative edge stitching. This album will lay flat for easy viewing and has ivory leaves. Ideal for Weddings, Christenings, Confirmations or any celebration requiring a special album.
Note: Photos are positioned on the page and held in place with a clear film overlay. The photos can be repostioned at any time.
Album Capacity: 30 Leaves = 60 sides/prints
Album Format: Square, will hold up to 60 12" x 12" prints up to approx 500 6" x 4" prints
Album Overall Size w x h: 34 x 32.5cm
Album Spine: 5cm
Album Print Mounting Area: 30 x 30 cm portrait (upright)

Price: 19.49 inc. VAT

Kenro Photograph Album SIGNATURE PEEL and STICK 6x4
7x5 AlbumSpinesupplied in presentation boxKenro Photograph Album !!<<span style='color: #0000ff;'>>!!SIGNATURE PEEL and STICK 6x4!!<</span>>!! - view 4

Kenro Photograph Album SIGNATURE PEEL and STICK 6x4

Professional Photo Book finish

A quick and easy way to create a professional looking album - digital prints or collages fit flush
onto the photo board pages.
Simply remove the top section and line up your print - remove bottom section to stick down the
print for a permanent finish.
Bound in simulated leather with black pages inside complete in a gift box.
Cover Colour: Black
Print Size: 6 x 4 inches (15 x 10cm)
Capacity: 10 Pages = 20 prints
Album Size: 16.5 x 12.5cm
Spine: 16.5 x 3cm
Format: Upright

How to use Peel and Stick Albums
1. Peel away the liner revealing the adhesive
2. Align your photograph onto the revealed adhesive leaving a 2mm edge
3. If it is not positioned correctly you can remove and re-attach your photograph. (as soon as possible to avoid the adhesive hardening)
4. Smooth down gently and evely - avoiding air bubbles - for a perfect finish
5. Complete all the album pages in the same way.

Price: 21.95 inc. VAT

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