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Maple Frames - SATINWOOD Single
Natural Satin Wood FrameCornerCorner edgeSatinwood moulding
Rebate depthMDF back with hangers

Maple Frames - SATINWOOD Single

Satinwood is a 40 mm wide smooth light Beech effect moulding that has a semi-matt varnished finish - a very good fashion choice of frame that will compliment any room settings. Popular standard sizes are available plus bespoke sizes.
• Colour: Satin Wood
• Moulding Width: 40mm
• Moulding Depth: 14mm
• Moulding Rebate Depth: 9mm
As all frames are made in-house we can make special sizes to order. Please contact for a quote of a size not shown.
* All frames are supplied as standard with back fittings for wall hanging of the frame. As an option 15x12 | 14x11 | 12x10 | 10x8 | A4 size frames can be supplied with a Strut Back (so the frame can be free-standing) instead of standard hanging back. If you require a Strut Back tick this option.


20" x 16" - 23.46 including VAT
20" x 12" - 23.12 including VAT
A4 - 11.03 including VAT
15" x 12" - 19.15 including VAT
16" x 12" - 19.15 including VAT
A2 - 29.21 including VAT
A3 - 20.54 including VAT
9" x 6" - 9.68 including VAT
12" x 8" - 10.73 including VAT
14" x 11" - 17.51 including VAT
10" x 8" - 10.34 including VAT
12" x 10" - 13.03 including VAT
15" x 6" - 18.38 including VAT
24" x 20" - 29.51 including VAT
A1 - 41.99 including VAT
  • None   
  • Strut back instead of standard back   

Maple Frame - BLACK WOOD GRAINED 15mm
Black frameCornerShowing corner Showing moulding depth
corner close-uphardboard back with hangersStrut Back to stand the frame for display

Maple Frame - BLACK WOOD GRAINED 15mm

The Perfect frame for certificates and all your art work. in Size A3 and A4 Wood grained effect frame the moulding is 15mm width manufactured from a high quality composition material - the glazing used is real acrylic in both sizes for safety and durablity perfect for use in all areas such as receptions - schools and all communal areas. A 3mm Hardboard back with two hangers for easy hanging portrait (upright) or landscape (view) is supplied as standard.

• Colour: Black
• Moulding Width: 23mm
• Moulding Depth: 13mm
• Moulding Rebate Depth: 10mm

These Frames are Made in the UK they are not imported.

* As an option the A4 frame can be supplied with a Strut Back (so the frame can be free-standing) instead of the standard hanging back. If you require a Strut Back select this option.

A3 and A4 sizes available, please select...

A3 - 14.05 including VAT
A4 - 8.42 including VAT
A3 Pack of 10 - 135.36 including VAT
A3 100 Frames - 1,319.66 including VAT
A4 100 Frames - 723.70 including VAT
A4 Pack of 10 - 79.18 including VAT
  • None   
  • Strut Back - A4 frame only   

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