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Acrylic Block Frame
acrylic block frames10 x 8 acrylic block frameacrylic block frame closeup

Acrylic Block Frame

The photograph is positioned between two pieces of 10 mm clear acrylic and the whole sandwich is held together by four very strong magnets. As the frame can be viewed from both sides then two images can be inserted for maximum effect.

This format is perfect for presenting images on a desk or table.


For a 6" x 4" (152 x 102mm) image - 10.80 including VAT
For a 7" x 5" (178 x 127mm) image - 12.00 including VAT
For an 8" x 6" (203 x 152mm) image - 13.20 including VAT
For a 9" x 6" (229 x 152mm) image - 14.40 including VAT
For a 10" x 8" (254 x 203mm) image - 20.40 including VAT

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