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Boxes for archival storage.
54mm deep hinged box.
Sizes A4 | A3 | A2 | 51 x 73cm.

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These boxes are for archival storage.
54mm deep hinged box.
Sturdy yet portable, and because it’s acid-free is a safe place for artwork archive.
Finished in 6oz black canvas and made in the classic clam-shell design.
An elegant and secure way to store drawings, prints, photographs or other documents.

A2 External size 642 x 458 x 54mm, Internal size 618 x 438 x36mm.
A3 External size 462 x 332 x 54mm, Internal size 448 x 320 x 36mm.
A4 External size 342 x 241 x 54mm, Internal size 318 x 227 x 36mm.
51 x 73cm External size 554 x 761 x 54mm, Internal size 531 x 747 x 36mm.

Archival Box Sleeves are available.