EVENT 6″ x 4″ self-adhesive triple photo folio

£ 7.50 inc VAT

Inexpensive triple photo folio.
Self-adhesive repositionable.
For three 6″ x 4″ photographs.



EVENT 6″ x 4″ self-adhesive triple photo folio is inexpensive with a stylish black padded leather-look cover. The triple folio will hold three 6″ × 4″ prints.
Unique repositionable self-adhesive pages enable you to fill the folio quickly. These folios add a professional touch to those photo booth assignments or for guests at a celebration or the big wedding.
• Consists of 3 repositionable self-adhesive pages.
• Maximum 3, 6″ × 4″ prints.
• Black padded cover.
• Packed in clear bag.
Easy-to-use repositionable self-adhesive pages which allow you to stick down a print and if needed remove it without damage to the print or page.
There are other forms of self-adhesive albums available but they do not have the ‘post-it note’ capability that these albums offer. Designed to be easy-to-use and forgiving. You can experiment with and alter your layout, photograph selection and composition as often as you like.
How to use - self-adhesive album
1. Partly peel back the protective cloth.
2. Position your print and remove the protective cloth.
3. If you are unhappy with the position of your print, just peel off and reposition.
4. Alternatively, choose and apply a different print. The whole process can be repeated as often as you like without damaging either the album or the print.