Maple Print Mounting Adhesive (PMA)

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Ideal for mounting prints and pictures to a backing substrate.
50 metre roll, 16″, 20″ and 24″ widths.

See important information below.


Maple Print Mounting Adhesive is ideal for mounting prints and pictures to a backing substrate such as foamboard.
Roll size: 50 metre length
Recommended application temperature: +5 to +25°C
Adhesive thickness: 0.08 mm
Adhesive type: emulsion acrylic (water based)
IMPORTANT: Maple Print Mounting Adhesive is a pressure sensitive adhesive tissue and is not repositionable (i.e. it is not like “Post-It-Note” adhesive).

Click to download product application guide.

• Unroll, adhesive side up on a hard cutting mat. Cut off sufficient to mount the item to be mounted.
• Carefully position the item to be mounted face up on the adhesive surface (note: the adhesive does not allow repositioning, so ensure the item is correctly placed first time). Apply light hand pressure to adhere the adhesive sheet to the back of the item, then cut through the sheet around the item.
• Place the item face side down and with a rubber roller apply pressure using criss-cross strokes to insure firm adhesion.
• Slowly peel the item with adhesive away from the carrier sheet.
• Carefully position the item onto the mounting substrate (the adhesive does not allow for repositioning). Apply pressure over the item being mounted.

Performance Promise
If you are new to this product then please do a test mounting first. Like all adhesives it requires some practice to get the application correct.
Cut off less than a metre and test with an unwanted print/picture. If you cannot get the product to perform to your satisfaction then call us for a returns label and return, packed as originally packed, within 7 days. We will refund when we have received and checked the material. We are unable to refund damaged material as it is your responsibility to repack properly. We are also unable to refund where more one metre has been removed from the roll.