Maple Positionable Mounting Adhesive (PMA Adhesive)

£ 74.84 - £ 100.21 inc VAT

Equivalent to 3M PMA Tape which is no longer manufactured.
16″ and 24″ wide.



Our Maple Positionable Mounting Adhesive is equivalent to the 3M PMA Tape which is no longer manufactured.
Roll size: 50 metre length
Recommended application temperature: +5 to +25°C
Adhesive thickness: 0.08 mm

* Unroll, adhesive side up on a hard cutting mat.
* Position the item to be mounted face up on the adhesive surface, apply light hand pressure to adhere the adhesive sheet to the back of the item, then cut through the sheet around the item.
* Place the item face side down and with a rubber roller apply pressure using criss-cross strokes to insure firm adhesion.
* Slowly peel the mounted item away from the carrier sheet.
* Position the item onto the mounting surface. When the desired position is achieved apply pressure over the item being mounted.