PermaJet Digital Photo MATT PLUS 240

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Why choose this…?
This beautiful white paper is used widlely amongst photographers design labs and consumers who are attracted to the smooth white base. Suitable for a whole range of applications from monochrome to colour repro work such as flyers.
A clean white matt paper with ultra image sharpness and a really smooth surface the extra weight gives this paper a Supmptuous feel and appearance with deep and crisp colours. With its low metamerism shown on this paper gives high credentials for the monochrome specilist.

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(APJ51102) 6"x 4" Box of 100, (APJ51104) 6"x 4" Box of 1000, (APJ51116) 7"x 5" Box of 100, (APJ51117) 7" x 5" Box of 500, (APJ51112) A4 Box of 25, (APJ51114) A4 Box of 50, (APJ51115) A4 Box of 100, (APJ51120) A4 Box of 250, (APJ51119) A4 Box of 500, (APJ51122) A3 Box of 25, (APJ51124) A3 Box of 50, (APJ51126) A3 Box of 250, (APJ51129) A3 Box of 500, (APJ51132) A3+ Box of 25, (APJ51134) A3+ pack of 50, (APJ51142) A2 Box of 25, (APJ51148) 13" Roll x10m, (APJ51158) 17" Roll x30m, (APJ51168) 24" Roll x30m, (APJ51178) 36" Roll x30m, (APJ51198) 44" Roll x30m, (APJ51199) 60" Roll x30m