PermaJet Smooth Fine Art PHOTO ART SILK 290

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A special, acid-free smooth art paper with a totally unique ink receiving layer that exhibits a silk/semi-gloss sheen once printed on.
A luxurious, smooth silk finish inkjet paper. With a weight of 290gsm, this acid-free media only reveals its magical and undetectable silk coating once the image is printed. Every image bursts forth with a subtle, and yet, vibrant silk sheen in the printed areas. A perfect media for colour work with subject matter containing reflective or mirrored surfaces such as water or glass where a shimmering effect is required.
Exceptional Dmax and a very wide colour gamut make this a favourite for fine art photography printing where the highest detail is needed. Ideal for use with pigment or dye based inks and matt ink type is recommended for the very best results.
Ideal for all reproductions of landscape, wildlife and creative digital art as well as portraiture.