Vanilla Ice Christmas Colours Panoramic Photo Strut Mounts

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A soft mottled white strut mount.
Single blind embossed aperture line.
Choice of foil colours.
Sizes 10″ x 5″ and 12″ x 5″.
Available in single quantities.
Made to order – possible 2 – 3 day delay.



Vanilla Ice Christmas Colours Panoramic Photo Strut Mounts – soft mottled white strut mount with blind embossed aperture line and Christmas motif.
• Choice of foil colours,
• 1000 micron board, makes a 2000 thick mount.
• Back is made of the same board as the front.
• Features a single blind embossed line around the aperture.
• Strut allows standing.
• Manufactured from fully recycled board.

Strut Mount Sizing
Strut mount sizes given are in inches and this refers to the photograph size – the aperture is slightly smaller to allow for positioning.
10″ x 5″ aperture mount – overall size 12″ x 7″
12″ x 5″ aperture mount – overall size 14″ x 7″

About Bags
Presentation is everything so remember to purchase bags.
There are two type of bags – traditional clear face bags with a white paper back and the superior resealable polypropylene clear bags. To see the full range of photograph bags – click here.

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