PermaJet Digital Photo DIGITAL TRANSFER FILM 165

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Why choose this…?
At last a film 100% ideal for ‘contact printing’ onto traditional darkroom papers or, when backed with white card, produces a result that is highy comparable to a printed ilfochrome image. A darkroom/digital printer’s delight.
For the photographer who wants to combine the world of darkroom with digital. This specialist clear film allows the perfect ‘digital negatives/positives’. The ink receiving layer works well with dye and pigment inks and is quick drying. High detail and image clarity is achieved with this water-resistant film.
Only available in A4 and A3 size

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(APJ52111) A4 pack of 10, (APJ52113) A4 pack of 50, (APJ52121) A3 pack of 10, (APJ52123) A3 pack of 50, (APJ52158) 17" Roll x 30m, (APJ52168) 24" Roll x 30m