PermaJet Digital Photo Media GLOSS 271

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Why choose this…?
Ideal for all types of printing output where a really high gloss is required.
Get a true photographic feel and finish with this 271 gsm superior heavyweight high gloss media having the whitest base gloss paper on the market.
It has an instant dry resin coated paper finish with a UV protected micropourous supercoat giving it a high degree of water and fade resistance.
Compatible with both dye and pigment inks
Suitable for both colour and monochrome images due to a very low colour error and metamerism index.

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(APJ50802) 6" x 4" Box of 100, (APJ50804) 6" x 4" Box of 1000, (APJ50805) 7" x 5" Box of 100, (APJ50807) 7" x 5" Box of 500, (APJ50808) 10" x 8" Box of 25, (APJ50812) A4 Box of 25, (APJ50814) A4 Box of 50, (APJ50815) A4 Box of 100, (APJ50817) A4 Box of 250, (APJ50819) A4 Box of 1000, (APJ50822) A3 Box of 25, (APJ50824) A3 Box of 50, (APJ50829) A3 Box of 500, (APJ50832) A3+ Box of 25, (APJ50834) A3+ Box of 50, (APJ50837) A3+ Box of 250, (APJ50842) A2 Box of 25, (APJ50849) 13" Roll x10m, (APJ50858) 17" Roll x30m, (APJ50868) 24" Roll x30m, (APJ50898) 44" Roll x30m, (APJ50899) 60" Roll x30m