PermaJet Digital Photo Media OYSTER 271

£ 13.96 - £ 371.95 inc VAT



Why choose this…?
The extra protection from the micropourous supercoat and its representation of vibrant colours makes this the obvious choice for any photographer, graphic artist or photo print lab.
An Oyster/Pearl surface with a 271gsm photographic weight texture and finish manufactured to be the whitest base paper
with a high degree of water and fade resistance it works perfectly with dye and pigment inks.
The exceptional demonstation of colours and tones makes this suitable for both your colour and monochrome images.

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(APJ50902) 6"x 4" Box of 100, (APJ50904) 6 x 4 Box of 1000, (APJ50905) 7"x 5" Box of 100, (APJ50907) 7"x 5" Box of 500, (APJ50908) 10" x 8" Box of 25, (APJ50912) A4 Box of 25, (APJ50914) A4 Box of 50, (APJ50915) A4 Box of 100, (APJ50917) A4 Box of 250, (APJ50919) A4 Box of 1000, (APJ50922) A3 Box of 25, (APJ50924) A3 Box of 50, (APJ50929) A3 Box of 500, (APJ50932) A3+ Box of 25, (APJ50934) A3+ Box of 50, (APJ50942) A2 pack of 25, (APJ50949) 13" Roll x10m, (APJ50958) 17" Roll x30m, (APJ50968) 24" Roll x30m, (APJ50978) 36" Roll x30m, (APJ50998) 44" Roll x30m, (APJ50999) 60" Roll x30m, (APJ50955) 17" Roll x5m